Psychotherapy & Counselling

What to Expect

Initial Consultation


If you are considering therapy but you are uncertain of the process, I offer a free 20 minute enquiry call in order to speak about your presenting issues and any questions you may have concerning therapy.

When we start working together, our first session will be an initial / assessment consultation. I will explore your current issues with you, inquire about your background and assess your specific needs and goals for treatment. I will also explain how I work, and you will have the chance to ask questions to decide whether you would like to start therapy with me.

I usually see clients once a week for 60 minutes, usually at the same day and time every week. Depending on your schedule and needs we may want to meet frequently (if clinically appropriate), or you may sometimes want to come for longer sessions. It is important to attend therapy with regularity in order to get results.

The type, frequency and duration of your treatment will be discussed at the initial consultation and will be revisited in due course.

TEMENOS Consulting Room

©TEMENOS consultation room in the Blue Mountains

Therapeutic Process


Short-term therapy can be highly effective at alleviating painful symptoms that may cause depression or anxiety and disrupt individual functioning. However, good health and overall wellbeing encompasses more than just freedom from symptoms. There are usually deeper underlying causes to our problems that are often rooted in our early life and are generally hidden to our conscious awareness.

You may come to therapy with some goals and expectations in mind, and then through the therapeutic process you may find yourself grappling with issues you haven’t thought of, and sore spots you didn’t know were there. In such cases, a more depth-oriented, longer-term psychotherapeutic approach can be helpful.


Fees & Billing


Initial consultation 90 min = $150

Standard consultation 60 min = $120

Extended consultation 90 min = $150

​Concessions available.

I am not subsidised through Medicare. Full fee payable at the end of each session by cash or online transfer.