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Illness and Grief

In the face of a serious illness, we are often challenged by a range of reactions that can be unfamiliar and more intense than anything we have ever encountered. Receiving a diagnosis of life-threatening illness is life changing.

When the serious illness strikes, it confronts us with the fact that we are vulnerable, that we are mortal, and that our time is limited. It challenges us with the question of whether we are using our time wisely. This question is linked to what our time is for – what our life is all about.

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Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings
- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Given the uncertainty associated with the condition and the threats it can pose, as well as the physical symptoms that accompany disease and treatment, we are likely to experience a range of emotions. You may feel shocked and confused, or in denial. You may experience fear, anxiety and panic. You may feel helpless, sad and depressed. Or you may have feelings of anger, guilt and shame. All these feelings are very real and frightening. There is only so much your mind can process at one time, so these feelings can quickly become overwhelming.

In Temenos Psychotherapy & Counselling I will support you in this difficult journey of finding ways to cope with illness and ways to heal. We will work with Sandplay which will enable you to explore your feelings more deeply in a safe and profound way. Our work together will help you to find answers to the questions that illness raises, to find a way to manage the fears and pain that illness brings, and to learn how to find a sense of direction.

If you are a relative of someone with a life-threatening illness, you might feel that you need some time to think about yourself and how you can cope. Being able to express your feelings may help you to support your relative more effectively. Or if you are someone who lost a loved one due to the illness, my therapeutic support may assist you to deal with your loss and grief, by gently exploring your feelings and finding resources within that will help you to recover and find new ways of being.

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