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Personal Development

Personal growth and development, self-awareness and self-realization, the search for ‘who am I’, ‘what is my full potential’, and ‘what is the purpose of my existence’ are themes that are common to all of us at certain stages of life.


You may be seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, what motivates and drives you, or how to feel more fulfilled. Or perhaps you are a professional / psychotherapist and are seeking for ways in which to reflect and increase self-awareness when working with your own clients.

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Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious. Neither should he persist in his unconsciousness, nor remain identical with the unconscious elements of his being, thus evading his destiny, which is to create more and more consciousness.
- C.G Jung

Machina by Vasily Kafanov

Jung described the path to optimal personal development as the individuation process. Why did Jung call the process “individuation”? Because in this process of becoming a complete human being, we integrate all the parts of our personality of which we are not presently conscious. He believed that the purpose of individuation is to increase the individual’s consciousness. With greater consciousness, individuals can heal the splits in their mind between what’s conscious and unconscious, bringing them to wholeness in their psyche. Through the individuation / self-actualisation, we not only achieve positive mental health, but we also become harmonious, mature, responsible adults.

There are many ways for self-exploration. Sandplay therapy is one of them. In Sandplay, different aspects of the psyche interrelate and move toward resolution and wholeness, resulting in positive behaviour change, renewed vitality, and a sense of meaning and deeper purpose in life. The symbolic work of Sandplay stimulates the process of individuation and the direct experience of the Self. ​

My task is to deepen, accelerate, expand and intensify this process, in the safe container of the therapeutic relationship.

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