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Psychotherapy and Counselling

People pursue psychotherapy for a variety of reasons. Some want to address major life changes, such as divorce or painful break up, threatening illness, change in a career, displacement; others may seek help in managing mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorders, loss and grief. Many people come to therapy because they are feeling lost, empty, directionless. And others seek therapy with a deep need for self-understanding in order to live more fully.


Beginning psychotherapy can be difficult at start, but it then changes into a creative, rewarding and illuminating process. Within the safe and supportive therapeutic relationship, you will be guided to uncover and address your internal conflicts, heal wounds from the past that may underlie destructive patterns and behaviours of today, and reach greater internal balance and embodied well being.

I believe that a crisis in your life can be a unique opportunity to use your pain for personal growth and as a pathway to a deeper connection with your true self.

Being aware of one’s self-creation in the authentic state of mindfulness of being provides one with the power to change and the hope that one’s actions will bear fruit.
- Irvin Yalom


The Cosmic Rose by Heinrich Khunrath

Together we will work within therapeutic modalities that suit you and your unique presentation. One of these modalities is Sandplay Therapy. It has been described as a ‘garden for the soul’ where clients can safely re-unite all aspects of themselves, including the wounded parts, the forgotten and disowned aspects, and to discover untapped resources and inner wisdom.


Sandplay provides an ‘in-between-space’, where the link between your inner and outer life can express itself and develop strength to rebuild trust and sense of self, leading to greater awareness. It will empower you to more competently and confidently cope with problems and challenges in your day to day life.

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