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The core aim of supervision is to develop and maintain the therapist’s competent and ethical functioning while ensuring clients safety. It provides opportunity for instruction, observation and critical case review which together allows for the development of greater awareness, knowledge and skills.

Through supervision I aim to support the supervisee's critical self-reflection which provides the foundation for independent thinking and conceptual problem-solving skills. My main focus within supervision, is on the professional functioning of the counsellor, rather than the treatment of a specific client. Supervision that models this philosophy provides the basis for developing competent lifelong clinical competency.



Stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious traumatisation are just some of the possible consequences of working in the helping profession. It is an ethical obligation, not just a personal need, to attend to self-care so that we can remain physically and psychologically healthy and meet the demands of our jobs. One of my tasks as a supervisor is to support practitioners to care for themselves.

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach them to fish and you feed them for a hundred years.
- Confucius


Adriana offers consultation to agencies working with people from a refugee backgrounds, trauma survivors and victims of crime. She has extensive experience providing training and support to mental health professionals, social workers, schools staff, and settlement services on the principles of establishing trauma informed environments, creating safe conditions for healthy relationships and recovery, and development of strategies for self-care and healthy boundaries.

Adriana also has a passion in working with art agencies. One of her long term projects included a two year clinical consultancy with the African Ladies Troupe theatre project – a theatre play and subsequent film documentary celebrating the resilience and spirit of four African Australian women, their survival of sexual abuse, violence and war crimes, and their transformational journey through trauma and healing:

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